Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nearly done

So far the repair has gone well. Today I cleaned of the masking tape over the repair and gave it a bit of a sanding (by hand) just to check that it has taken and it has, nice and firmly. The next task, and you can see it in the image above, was to remove a section of the outer skin (lamination) around the second repair area and then shape, fit and glue a replacement laminate in position. This is now done and hopefully this will cure nicely and I can then get down to the task of sanding the whole area ready for painting.

I suspect that there are other 'soft' patches on the hull that could do with similar repairs but I'm not going to attempt to repair them this winter unless they become obvious. However next winter I will probably strip the hull back to the wood and make sure its is sound and then give it a coat or two of epoxy resin that should give it some protection for a good few years.

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