Sunday, February 09, 2014

Working on the old girls bottom again

I had a few hours free this afternoon and I nipped down to the sailing club to see if I could do some work on the boat. When I arrived there were a few windsurfers ashore taking a break and they were kind enough to help me turn my boat over. This made it much easier to work on.

My first task was to finish off fettling the new pieces of laminates to fit. I also decided to clear more paint away to check for more rot and I found when very small area that can just be filled with epoxy resin.

I then mixed up some glue and squigged it into the gaps and cracks, pushing into the gaps and then fitting the new pieces into place. Finally I found some suitable weights and blocks of wood and my toolbox, all strapped down with a rope to hold the whole lot in place whilst the glue dries. 
Hopefully all will be well and I just need to fit one last piece and then it just needs sanding smooth and then it can be painted.

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