Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best post of the year

Well Tillerman has done it again and set a challange to get us all adding to the bloggingsphere world of words. So out of the megre offerings of my posts this year which one do I think is the best? You know I am not too sure. I guess it depends on what criteria you use. I quite like the first post of the year on my visit to the London Boat show. It has a number a good elements in it and isn't purely about sailing. 
Then again if I was to pick the blog of my best exploit this year it would have to be the report on North West Norfolk Week simply because it is about my most successful regatta to date.
Then there are some entries in my blog that about my growing concern for the environment and the human activity that is making the mess, not about sailing in the least but I just wanted to say something about it.
The post on the almost last sail of the season has the best pictures of the lot and reported on a very enjoyable weekends sailing. (The last sail of the season turned out to be a dead loss and I was so heartly sick of it that I wish I hadn't bothered and I just couldn't bring myself to blog it.)
so which one is simply the best? I think I stick with my first choice: The London Boat show visit. This post is simply the best because of the variety of elements that fit into it and make it an interesting story; from meeting a fellow Enty to walking the decks of a warship, admiring a vintage Hornet, snapping some shots of the racing and just spending a day out with my eldest daughter doing nothing in particular, just messing about with boats. So what do you think? Do you agree?


Guy said...

I haven't read enough blogs to say this is the best but it was sure fantastic! thank you for taking the effort and writing it so we could all enjoy it


Tim said...

Thank you, I much appreciate your comment.