Sunday, March 01, 2009

getting ready

Like some kind of hibernating creature my sailing alter ego is surfacing slowly from its winter sleep. Thoughts of sailing are stirring the mind to think of boat work, of varnishing and painting, fitting out the old girl for another season on the high sees of Norfolk. Already the cheque is in the post to renew club membership and another to enter for the 60th Anniversary North West Norfolk Sailing Association regatta that is already up to 50 boats (the limit is set for 65 at Hunstanton SC). Next week is the dinghy Exhibition and my daughters and a friend and I are going to be there next Saturday.

The old Girl (Wild Goose or Goosey Loosey as she is affectionately called) has already a good coat of varnish on the cockpit surfaces; the decks will be done last but next is to prepare and paint the hull. Meanwhile I have been working on the clubs new website and preparing for the Launch supper evening where we are going to do a coaching workshop session, looking at the essential principle of sailing and racing a dinghy. All good fun. can't wait to get on the water. I'm aiming for 18th April, a coaching event at Middle Nene SC.


Smilicus said...

Still Summer in South Afrcia and a hot one this year, with fires blazing everywhere. DOnt even want to think that winter might be coming and the repairs after that.

Good luck with all the work to be done. Sure every hour spent will be worthwhile once you are back on the water.

Mina said...

A nice blog! It's great for you to share details of your boat works. I'm sure it's lovely sailing and your having a good time. I would also love to sail on a boat I own but that will not happen anytime soon i know. Hahaha. I still have to earn an awful lot of money to buy one. But right now, I am just looking for info about sailing, boats and boat supplies.

Anyway, have fun sailing! Cheers!

Tim said...

Dear Mina,
I think the amount you pay for a boat is relative to how much you earn. My boat was not expensive compared to most others and it is possible to buy even less expensive boats and even possible to build them reasonably cheaply but it is always relative. I don't have a lot of money by British standards but I am aware that I am far more wealthy than most other people in the world. So I count myself fortunate to have been born in Britain.
My first boat was given to me by a friend. It needed a lot of work and to rectify faults and improve her but I got sailing and have really enjoyed it.

I would suggest that you if you can you look for someone to crew for and get sailing that way and then when you have some experiance of sailing and some money you can get your own boat.