Thursday, August 07, 2008

North West Norfolk Week

I have had my most successful week of Dinghy racing. The fleet was small but the competition was tough. In past years I have struggled to keep up with these guys but this year I was equal to them and in fact better; by one point! Yes we won the week!
Three 1sts, 2 2nds, and a 3rd.
I discovered how to get better upwind speed and improved my downwind speed but noticed that I still need to improve offwind speed, especially on the run.
The problem I really had was with managing the right level of aggression. The right level of aggression is needed to get a good start, to drive the boat upwind to get good tactical positions. But over cook it and you get the 'red mist' that clouds judgement. At the beginning of the week I was just surprised to find myself leading and winning races. In the middle of the week I was trying not to get too tense and consequently my starts were rubbish and I had to work hard to get back into the race. By the end of the week, realising I could win the week I overcooked it and got myself into a position where I infringed another competitor and had to retire. Everything rested on the last race but by now I knew I could outsail the others, especially upwind, and I romped away and won the last race and the week!


Tillerman said...

Congratulations. That's terrific news.

I know exactly what you mean about finding the right level of aggression. Something I need to work on.

Tim said...

Thanks Tillerman.

I think to a degree confidence in ones own ability helps to control the agresssion. The problem is that this can work the other way too!