Sunday, October 21, 2007

The last, last of sail of the season

Today my eldest daughter and I took a chance and went to the beach to see if it was possible to get a sail in. The tide was a mere 5.5metre and the wind very light so it was a bit doubtful and sure enough when we arrived the wind very patchy and very light.
We were on the verge of heading home when we noticed the wind filling in from the south and we decided that even though the tide had turned we would give it a go.

We had a few problems launching and managed to bust the transom flap which allowed water to pour in if we sat to far back. So we sat forward of the traveller, which was ok until I went to pull the rudder blade down and busted the elastic! It was beginning to seem like a doomed trip. But we got out there and enjoyed ourselves, even got the kite up for a while. She took on some water through the transom flap and when we couldn't find the bailer to empty the water we used our boots and ended up with cold feet. Eventually we headed back as the sun sank lower and its warming rays diminished leaving a chill in the air. The water ebbed away more quickly than we thought, the wind dropped away and we were too late to get back to the beach and ended up dragging the boat across the sandy mud (or muddy sand) back to the shingle. When we finally go the boat back to the dinghy park the sun was setting over the shinning mud with the wading birds in silhouette, the wind no more than a whisper and suddenly all was still with only the sound of the birds and the clubs generator throbbing away in its metal box! Oh well. Until next year then.

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