Monday, May 21, 2007

What to do when you can't go sailing

High winds or none at all has meant that over the last two weekends I've only got one days sailing in. This has meant that I have put some time into PoppyCock and she is looking better. I managed to get two coats of epoxy on her today and she will be ready for sanding and painting by next weekend. Here are a couple of shots of her prior to and just after coating with epoxy.

This weekend I took a walk on Holme beach with my wife and boy did we get some dramatic pictures !

This morning I got up at a silly time to make the early morning race only to find there was no wind! Ah! Once again we have a world of stupid extremes with the weather!

Last weekend I took some shots of Kite surfers out in the wild winds. At least someone was having fun on the water!

I'm hoping next weekend will be sailable. Please God!

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