Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Too busy day dreaming....

I was abducted by aliens! ? Doesn't wash does it?

I was lost at sea! No?

The real reason: I was too busy getting my assignments in by the deadline to even think about blogging. Then I was too busy with a million and other things to even think about it.

so here is a quick update.

PoppyCock: finished and ready to be taken to the beach. Pictures will be on thier way soon.

Coaching weekend: Brilliant although numbers were half of last year.
Things I learnt:
1) I discovered that I need to let the luff rope in my maisail into the luff as it has shrunk causing the sail shape to be affected adversely but it has a short tail to allow for this. I checked with the sail loft and they confirmed it so I made the adjustment and it seems to work OK. The sail looks better but I suspect I am still putting too much tension in the halyard. I need to find the optimum point. Perhaps I shall change over to a wire halyard and use a ladder hook when the season is over.

2) A starting technique that works well but needs lots of practice. Essentially you have to approach on port and tack under the starborad tack boats as they come down the line and then pinch up to close the door on them so they are forced to point up. This creates a hole below you and then a few seconds before the gun goes you reach off and pick up speed and go for the line. The problem with this is that it is difficault to do when the tide is pushing you over the line!

3) It makes a big difference to the shape of the jib if you can really get it sheeted in tight! I was shocked to see the difference in the sail shape between what I thought was tight and and how tight you can get it. This could explain why the top guys point so high!

Enterprise Eastern Area Championships: only 18 boats (thanks to the weather!) but great racing with some of the top boats in the country turning up. I finished 8th overall. Made some silly mistakes, messed up the starts of 3 of the 5 races and so only got 2 positions that I think reflected my ability (6th and 7th).
Lessons learnt:
1) DON'T go back to the start line if you think its a general recall! Keep going until its obvious. I thought I heard a general recall signal and started back to the line and was wrong!

2) Don't cut it fine on a mark! I hit one and went from 5th to about 10th during my 360 turn.

3) It is important to approach the start line with speed, you can't just sheet in and go as others will ride over you. So don't arrive at your starting position too soon. Trick this when the tide is pushing you over the line.
The two starts I got right I was close under someones bow and lee-bowed them nicely!

4) I need to generate more power in moderate winds and I suspect I need to use the kicker more effectively.

The only problem I had was that the repair to the kicker anchor point has failed! I need to remoive the entire anchor point, and replace it and probably bolt it right through the hull. A big job best saved to the winter. In the mean time I have done a temporary fix with a plate and two long screws to stop the split from opening up (see picture).

Last weekend was just ordinary club racing. It was good close racing but Malcolm and Lynn in the oldest boat won 3 out of the 4 races, I got a 1st, 2 2nds and a 3rd.

Here we are rounding ahead of Malcolm.

Currently I am organising an open-day at the club.

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