Friday, May 11, 2007

Poppy - Back to the wood

Yes I did a stupid thing several weeks ago now, I started to sand PoppyCocks paintwork and found a few dodgy bits and scrapped away and before I knew it I was stripping a whole load of paint off her. Now she is completly devoid of paint and I'm sanding her clean ready to be coated in EpiGlass epoxy before an undercoat and a couple of top coats (Fire box red of course!)

I have also removed the old brass rubbing strakes on the bottom and I have some second hand aluminium ones (salvaged from a wrecked Ent) to fit on! so that will reduce her weight a bit.

I guess the end result will be a boat with more durability, stiffer and lighter. I doubt that she will ever be quick but hopefully quick enough to be a useful boat for the kids to use and others to borrow.


Tillerman said...

Yikes. Sounds like a lot of work. Rather you than me.

Tim said...

Yes,its the joy of having a wooden boat! I'm not quite sure what got into my brain to strip it all off though.