Sunday, April 08, 2007

How long does it take

before they get bored? Or is it simply that some people are easily amused? I mean how long does it take to wizz around in circles, disturbing all the bird life, irritating everyone with the noise from the wretched machines and the stench of petrol fumes before you get bored? Where is the fun in it? Is there any skill required? Are there any tricks that are worth while?
The Jet ski: the invention born of a small mind, a parasite in the hands of the unimaginative.
Do they even have any insurance? Do they have any knowlegde of the navigation rules? Yes, I know i have blogged on this before, I guess I just have to let off a little steam about every now and then.


AdriftAtSea said...

I agree that most PWC operators use them in overtly obnoxious and sometimes dangerous ways. That's why I advocate this: LINK

The best defense is a good offense. :D


Tim said...

I like it! I wonder if we can enlist the help of our local RAF and USAF airbases to launch a strike on the offending PWCs?