Monday, April 09, 2007

Oooh! Visitors to my sailing club!

So I turned up to race on Friday... nobody about. I turned up to race on Saturaday.... nobody about. Sunday? You guessed it, nobody about. So I wasn't holding out much hope for Monday. But I was presently suprised! 5 Dart 18s, 2 Laser 2000, a Laser and little old me, the solitary Enterprise. It was nice to have some visitors to my sailing club!

It looked like it was going to be a good days sailing with a decent breeze and it started out as F3 westerly which died off to a F1-2 within 20 minutes of us taking to the water, then down a to a very variable F1 swinging between W and NW but it picked up a bit at the end to fairly steady F2 Westerly. I teamed up with the L2000 and we had a couple of friendly 1 lap races round a triangular course. It was great to be racing against someone and even though they have an asymetric spinny I was easily a match for them in the F1-F2 conditions. I was ahead at the end of the first race and right on the transom of the first L2000 in the second race so I guess that probably puts me as the winner on handicap. All good fun and a change from sailing on my own.
Here I am ahead of the L2000 in the first race aproaching the last mark.

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