Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Progress on PoppyCock

Well as you can see I have got the decks cut and shaped to fit the hull. The problem with the foredeck is that it needs to curve to fit and that makes aligning the two halves hard work with only 1 pair of hands. I'm qute pleased with it at the moment and hopefully it will all glue together ok.

Next job is a good clean out of the hull, then purchase some Epoxy resin (Epiglass probably) to sheath the ply and coat the bare wood of the frame. After that I have to glue and pin the deck in place, trim up the inside edgeof the deck to the frame and make and fit the breakwater.

I was hoping to get this complete by the end of 2006 but assignments, work and family all took priority. i need to get this done soon so I gan get Wild Goose ready for a coaching event in March.

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