Friday, January 12, 2007

The Decking of PoppyCock progresses

So in the last week I have purchased, for £25, some EpiGlass, made by International, and have sheathed the underside of the deck to give it some long lasting protection.

I found that the easy way to do this is to arrange the deck panels upside down on the wrong side of the boat and using a foam roller with a mix of about 100ml of Epiglass, which was enough to cover the deck area. Two coats are needed to make sure that the wood is sealed.
I wish I had done this with the inside of the Bouyance tank last year but its too late to do that now as it needs to go onto bare wood to soak into it.

My next job is to pin and glue the decks into place. After that I need to shape and fit the breakwater to the foredeck, trim the deck coaming to the frame and give the frame and deck a couple of coats of Epiglass before a couple of coats of varnish.

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