Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A messy job

At last I managed to get the decks glued in place! It took a bit of time and was more tricky than I thought. I had to pin it to the frame using copper pins and I didn't get the port foredeck in quite right so the gap to the gunell is bigger than I would have liked. The starboard side is a better fit.
It was messy work and I managed to get some of the glue on the outer surface. At the time I didn't worry to much about it but I am now worried about it affecting the final finish.
I think I should have coated the deck both sides before attempting to glue it to the hull, this would have protected the wood.
The glue I used was the International 'Epiglass' which seemed to work ok but I'm not sure how well it has worked. I think if I was to do it again I would use Bolcatan which gives a longer working time and also expands to fill cavities, something that the Epiglass doesn't do.
Next job is to trim the inner coming and the gunnel flush with the deck, sand it down (try to get rid of some of the glue marks!) and then coat it with the Epiglass to sheath the wood.

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