Wednesday, August 16, 2006


The Snettisham Beach regatta was completed in the best wind of the entire week of sailing! A decent F3-4.

So with a 2nd in the Enterprise fleet under my belt I was feeling hopeful although the competition was going to be tough. Not the toughest, those guys would be down in Looe at the worlds but the guys I was racing against are good.

This first race was one big mixed fleet start and the thing I have learnt is keep clear of all the quick boats 'cause they just romp all over you and you end up wallowing in thier mucky air and water. The best thing to do is keep well away and go for clear air and undisturbed water. This is what I did so although it was not a strategically good start it was good enough for me and I was with the leading Enterprise at the first mark. we were going very well and were quick upwind, by the end of the 2nd beat we had the lead and managed to keep it to the end of the race. At last a first place!
The next race was started after the last of the stragglers had finished the first race. By this tine the tide had turned and I (stupidly) decided to start at the pin end on starboard. The problem was that everyone else had decided to do the same. The pressure was such that a good number were over the line and a general recall was given. I should have been wise and started somewhere else and indeed I realised this but at the last moment I thought I could just sneak through... Stupid idiot! I ended up sailing low and trying to get through the muck to clear air. Strategically it was the right direction and that was the only saving grace. I was 3rd at the first mark and went high to keep my air clear and thus managed to get to second place. I did catch up with the leader but he was just far enough ahead and the race was finished early so I got a second place.
Thus with 2 2nds and a 1st I had won the Enterprise fleet cup! AND I was 4th in the overall handicap results! So we got a few more bottles of wine and a nice silver pot as well. Cool!

Here we are with all our pots and prizes from the week of sailing, both NWN week and the Snett regatta

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