Tuesday, August 15, 2006

NWN week part 7

The last day of NWN week was held at Snettisham Beach SC and would consist of two races back to back with aggregate results counting towards the overall result for the weeks racing. It would also be the first days racing of the Snettisham regatta so the races would count towards the overall resault of that as well along with Sundays racing results. To add to the complexity every boats time would be taken for each race and used to calculate an overall handicap result. Lost yet?

The racing on Saturday started in light conditions and just as the race started the wind veered and then after a short while it pettered out to a mere whisper.
As per usual my start was crap. It would have been better but for the sudden shift in wind direction giving the line a massive port bias. I was 3 from last at the first mark ( 7 Enterprises racing) but owing to my crew (bless her) not informing me about the port tack boat under my jib, I tacked directly in front of him and he rammed my transom splitting wood. I was understandably upset that he didn't even try to avoid the collision and I was mad at myself for such a stupid error and a little annoyed at my daughter for not letting me know about him.

So what to do? Do I retire? How bad is the damage? Not to bad so I can continue. I decide to continue and so do my 720 and round the mark last. I manage to make some progress and by the time I get to the leeward mark I have gained one place back.

By this time the tide is on the last of the flood and I can see that the leaders are struggling in almost zero wind to make progress and I know that the tide turns in the channel first and then they will have real problems unless the wind pipes up. I head out away from them on port tack towards the shallows and the direction from which the gusts seem to come from. It was a smart move and by the time I tack back to the windward mark I can see that I have overtaken almost everyone. Steve is ahead of me and The Dennys are close and just pip me to the windward mark.

On the run I go wide to catch a gust and maximise the effect of the tide and on the gybe back I am ahead of the Dennys. I gybe back the other way and back again but this time it didn't pay and the Dennys slip ahead at the mark just ahead of me and right on Steve's transom. They both tack away on to starboard but I decide to keep on port heading towards a gust and when it hits I am severly headed and tack immediately and head for the line. I am to windward of everyone and have the first wind, surely I must actually win the race? I get tense. What should I do? foot and try to make good speed? but maybe the wind will shift again. I'll just keep pointing and hope that it is enough. Ah what a mistake! I should have freed off and gone for speed. The Dennys just slip through to take first place. Another second for me. Bummer. I think I was just too tense and oversheeted.

After this race the Race officer decided enough was enough and abandoned the next race and just as we sailed for shore the wind piped up nicely! Tipical!

So with racing for North West Norfolk week over I had three 2nds and three 3rds to count and so was 3rd overall, 3pts behind 2nd place. Not too bad. Much better than last year.

Here is the report in the local rag:



Tillerman said...

Cool. It's always a good feeling when you do well enough to get your name in the paper.

Tim said...

I got a few bottles of wine as prizes too!