Thursday, August 17, 2006

I hate Jet skiers!

I really don't like the word 'hate' but I cannot think of a better word to describe my feelings in regard to this scurge of the sea. 'I dislike' just doesn't reach the depths of feeling for the kind of person who launches off a beach of swimmers, zoomes about in and out of other craft and swimmers, without insurance and without any consideration for other people or wild life and a total disregard for the law.
These wretched machines pump out the disgusting stink of fuel and the most whinning of noises as well as making waves that shake all the wind out of your sails on a calm light airs day. The pleasure of sailing is just about wiped out by thier presence on such days.

I don't know what the answer is. The local council is supposed to enforce the bylaws that prohibit them launching off the beach (there are desiganted places for launching) and once launched from a designated launch site they are then supposed to stay at least 1/2 mile off shore. It seems that the council have no teeth to do anything about it.

I would suggest that some form of license for pleasure craft might be one way and maybe a form of seamanship test and insurance certificate before the license is issued but it doesn't seem to work too well for cars so I don't believe it would work on the sea either and would only restrict the freedom of the average law abiding considerate user of the sea and other water ways.

So what do you think is the answer?


Tillerman said...

Many US states are requiring that drivers of jetskis take a course and pass an exam on safe boating -- but accidents including deaths continue to occur.

I do most of my sailing on lakes where jetskiers are not allowed.

Tim said...

Do they do the same for all pleasure craft owners?

AdriftAtSea said...

Fortunately, jetskis are not much of a problem for anyone sailng on Buzzards Bay. There just aren't that many jetskis on Buzzards Bay. The fishing boats tend to run over the ones that do make it out onto the bay.