Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Got my fix

Yes Spring dropped by yesterday (I don't know where it's gone today though!). The sun was out, the wind was gentle, the tide was in for a late afternoon sail. So with no pressing engagements blocking the way, Jo and I went for a short sail.
The water was cold and when the sun started to sink lower and was blocked by a cloud the air temperature dropped and we came in, but we got a good 45 minutes on the water.

It was lovely to be sailing on the sea again, there is something quite different about the feel from sailing on the inland waters, I think partly because the boat floats higher than on the fresh water but it is more than that.
So we practiced some tacking (need a lot more work on this), a few gybes, rounding up on a mark and just sailing up wind. Altogether a pleasent sail.

Just as we were lauching this fella on the beach was taking pictures and I asked him to email some to me and I gave him my email address to memorise and I was pleasenly suprised that Martin (that's the fella's name) emailed some lovely shots through. Cheers Martin!
Look at the shine on that paintwork! Wow she looks lovely.

Oh well, no more sailing until 22nd but by then there should be others to race against.

This picture I took once we were ashore again, beautiful place isn't it?


Tillerman said...

Well done. Always grab those extra hours on the water when you can.

joe "rain drops keep falling on my head" rouse said...

Fantastic. I wish it would stop raining where I live.

johnsee said...

Wow, she looks really beautiful now you've got her out on the water. That's some awesome photos there