Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dreaming again!

Well it's been just over a week now since my last sail and I know that I need another fix because I keep on looking at pictures of Enterprise racing, reading the reports in Y&Y and visualising the scenes, the events, trying to work out what I would do if I was one of the boats in the picture. Would I tack? Would I duck the starboard tacker? where would I start on the line? The problem is that the picture only gives you a glimps of the whole scenario and I am just itching to know more.

I like this picture of the start of a race, this is just moments before the gun. Where would you be? It's obviously a port tack bias with the limit mark being the most windward.

What would you do if you were the blue boat near the back? What would you be thinking if you were the white boat nearest the line limit mark? Which boat gets the best start?
Interesting isn't it?
Here is the next shot in the sequence just after the gun.

And now a few moments later.

What happens next? Does the white boat nearest (who appears to be in the lead) manage to cross the bows of the red starboard tacker?

Facinating isn't it?

If only the photographer had taken another shot moments later we would know but then there would be more possibilities opening up.

I can hardly wait to be at myself. Only a few days to go and I shall be out there pitting my abilities against my fellow Enty sailors at Snettisham Beach.

No one raced last week, to early and too cold apparently. So I didn't miss much and I'm still in with a chance of winning the April series (Yes I know... 'Dream on Coleman!')

Watch this space for news on how it all goes.


Tillerman said...

If you are desperate for a fix you could always get hold of the Posey Sailing Tactics Simulator software. See

Tim said...

Yes I liked it! I downloaded the demo and ran it a number of times. It was great fun. Unfortunately I cannot justify the cost of it at this time but maybe I'll get it for next winter!