Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cinders is ready for the Ball

So repairs complete I decided to take Acushla out for a spin just to check that all is well. The breeze was a nice 2-3 (BF), enough to keep me hiked out on the wind (close hauled), and the sea was flat, which made for easy sailing upwind as there were no waves to sail over/through/round, and less fun downwind and there were no waves to surf and plane on.
All went well, the boat seems to go well but I have no idea how well  in relation to other Albacores as I have not yet had the opportunity to race against one. All this is soon to change as I head off for the Albacore International Championships in Abersoch where top boats from the USA and Canada (and maybe others) will join the UK fleet for a series of races. It should be a whole load of fun.

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