Sunday, April 12, 2009

They thought they had silenced him

This is something that wrote on Good Friday. The thoughts came to me during the Good Friday service and I became almost oblivious to the service as I followed my train of thought.
I share it here with anyone who cares to read it.

The image is the 'Piss Christ' by Serrano Andres,(1987) which has caused quite a controversy but I think they guy has managed to capture the scandal of the Cross. Andrew Hudgins wrote a great poem about it whcih I have very helpful.

Stuff for the soul.


They thought they had silenced him. The city authorities had finally had enough and had done for him. No more of his pointed teaching, his critical commentary on their leadership, no more of his extravagant claims and outrageous prophecies, no more of his ‘so called miracles’, no more disturbance of the peace and the normal pattern of life.

They though they had silenced him. Arrested and tried, whipped and executed naked as an outcast and a criminal, they thought they had robed him of dignity, of respect, of a following. They thought they had silenced his voice, forever.

They thought they had silenced him. By their judgement and violence, by the full weight of the law, twisted to make it fit, just like the thorns they twisted to make a crown to adorn his head. They had no idea how fitting a crown it made for this king, a king like no earthly king.

They thought they had silenced him. But through all this rage, this wicked act, this venom and malice, scorn and hatred, he spoke. This king of grace reached through it all and embraced a broken humanity; this king of mercy forgave the sins of many; this king of love suffered all the abuse of humanity and kissed those who hated him; Kissed a fallen world through a bloody cross.

They thought they had silenced him. But this love cannot be silenced; It cannot be killed; It can never be silenced. It stands like a rock in the raging sea of human sin and depravity and all who tire of this world’s sin, who long to be rid of their own guilt; who seek sanctuary cling to this rock and find salvation, peace and find themselves.

They thought they had silenced him. But he speaks and is speaking still. Can you hear him?
He calls your name.

Tim Coleman
10th April 2009

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Joe said...

I love this. Very beautiful. That picture is very powerful. Gonna put it on my blog now I think and link it to your poem.