Sunday, April 12, 2009

The SBSC launch supper

The SBSC launch Supper this year was on the Easter Saturday and this year we had a presentation prior to the meal on the topic of 'key points of dinghy racing'.

It took me several days of preparation, building the powerpoint, trawling the internet for images of boats in caught on camera in the throws of various manouvers, clips of film and diagrams.

I had to pitch it at a several levels; for the parents of junior sailors who just want to know what thier kids are going on about; those who are hoping to start racing and what some key pointers on what to do; those who want to move up from being tail-end charlies, to the more experianced club racer.

So I broke it down into the key elements and in the space of an hour we skimmed through it. There were loads of questions, clarifications and pretty much everyone went away with a nugget of knowledge that they hope to make use of. I know I missed out loads of stuff and there are always areas that could be dealt with in more detail but with only an hour you have to make those kind of choices.

It was quite a challange but I was pleased that my first foray into the realm of coaching went so well.

To cap it I found some Rules quiz questions on the web and printed them out for a quiz during the meal which like the food went down well with the highest scoring table winning a bottle of wine.

All in all it was a good evening.

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