Monday, November 05, 2007

Sailing in the City of Newcastle

Well you can't see the boats really, they were somewhere over to the left.

I had taken a trip upto Newcastle to visit my Daughter Emma and her Partner, Ralph.

We visited Tynmouth to take a look at the sailing club there as Emma is looking for a club to join and sail PoppyCock from. Tynmouth do have an Enterprise fleet so could be a good club to join.

We took a walk out along the North Pier and saw a group of dinghies near the south Shields shore but they were so small they were lost in the picture, probably better seen in this picture.

Newcastle itself is a fair bit further down the river but the enterance is quite a wide expanse of water.


tillerman said...

Hmmm. No boats and hardly any city. Not exactly what I had in mind. Nice sky though.

I remember Newcastle as having dramatic river views with all those bridges across the Tyne. Never saw any sailboats when I was there though back in the 60s as it was always winter when I was visiting.

jrw14gbr said...

If you don't believe there is sailing in Newcastle have a look at this lot on

and it's in winter, half a mile (or sometimes a lot less)from the Tyne Bridge.