Thursday, August 10, 2006

NWN week part4

Wednesday morning dawned still and quite, the sun low down in the east filtered through the early morning mist, the burgees hang limp as the tide slid slowly over the mud, filling the creaks with a misty liquid mirror. Day 5 of North West Norfolk week racing had moved to the early morning tide, again we were racing at Brancaster Staith but in quite differnt conditions to Tuesday evening. It was hard to believe that it was the same place and less than 12 hour later.

We got a tow out to the start area, along with just about everyone else, and then, rather than drift about on the mill pond we pulled into the western shore and waited for the wind and the race committee to lay the course.
After about 30 minutes or so a gentle breeze started to fill in from the south west and the racing got under way.

Again I seemed to have aquired the nack of picking the wrong place on the line and the worst timing (I really am going to have to work on that). However I did pick the right side of the course and rounded in 3rd place. I seemed to be going ok but was not gaining much and on the next time round I mis judged the tide and hit the mark and had to re round it, not something I often do. Anyway this gave the boat behind me the chance to breakthrough which he did but with a little bit of good timing I managed to get inside him on the reach along the shore where I hit the shingle but managed to get through him and from then on I stayed ahead of him and nearly caught up with the next boat. So another 3rd place. Here we are having just regained 3rd place.

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