Saturday, August 12, 2006

NWN week part 5

Day 5 was another early morning start but this time we were sailing from Wells-on-sea. This is a strange place in some ways. Obviously it was for a long time a very important local port and very prosperous but its main trade now is for the summer holiday maker.

The small river feeds into a saltmarsh area with the town at the end of the most navigable part, about a mile from the sea. The whole area was created by a longshore drift which has resulted in an island and a spit of land that shelters the saltmarsh and the harbour. The entrance has a sandbar and a narrow channe through which the tide sluices at quite a rate.

The racing area is just inside the harbour and sometimes out to sea but the winds were so light again that they kept us in the harbour and once again we needed to be towed to the start area.

Once again, true to form, my start was rubbish but I did at leas make up for it and went the right way up the beat. That was about the last good disicion I made. For a while I was close to the leader but I mad a bad choice on the second beat and sailed to much into the current and lost out big time. On the next reach I tried to keep to windward of a sport16 and failed, losing yet another place. I tried hard to rectify the situation but the wind was very light and they shortened the course so finished a miserable 4th place, there was only one Ent behind me.

This is the start. I'm the 4th from the left

Naf start or what?

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