Tuesday, August 29, 2006

From one extreme to the other!

Well as it turned out, I did get up and go to the beach and was rewarded with a gentle breeze, enough to race in and the four boats that took to the water for an 8am start managed to get 2 races in the available time.
Yours truly took the honours in both, a good margin in the first race and only just snatching victory in the second in the last 100yds.

Sundays racing was another early start but this time the wind was a good F3-4. The first race was a handicap race with Lasers, some Laser 2000s, an RS200, a quiver of Dart 18s, 2 Toppers and 6 Enterprises! It was won by a Dart of course! We have some top Dart sailors at our club and they have a very good handicap.
The second race was ordinary class fleet racing and three Ents took part in what turned out to be a storm of a race as the wind increased significantly. One Ent, Malcolm, retired and Steve and I battled it out in the last lap with a hair-raising reaching finish. Steve was ahead but only just.

Bank holiday Monday's racing was another handicap race. We took to the water and started the race but the wind was just too much, the main was flogging almost all the time whilst we were beating whilst reaching was a hairy experiance and so we came in. Only 3 boats finished everyone else retired. The Picture is of us screaming into the beach! Notice the wake and bare in mind that this an Enterprise!

The result of Augusts points is that Steve has won by 1pt. He got 3 1st, a 2nd and a 3rd to my 2 1st and 3 2nds and with only 3 races to count he wins by 1 pt.

But once again the weather has flipped from one extreme to another. It is a fact that is shown in the number of races sailed, Only 5 fleet races out of the 16 planned!

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