Friday, May 19, 2006

A right ePOXY job

Its done. Not the best job I have done and now I have done it I can't help but feel I should have spent a little longer sanding down before hand.

Its funny how you think you got everything but its not until your pot in hand and brush or roller in the other that you notice that little corner that you didn't do such a good job on. Oh well.

The wood didn't come up so well anyway so I might end up painting some the bottom floor panels anyway.

I also made a mistake with the mixing.

I used Internationals Epiglass epoxy system and it must have a resin/hardener ratio of 4:1. Well I thought I would use electronic scales as it so much easier to know when you have the right amount. The problem is I forgot to check the specific gravity differential of the hardener and the resin so I ended up using more hardener than I ought. I noticed because about half way through I seemed to be getting through the hardener faster than the resin.
I called International and spoke to the technical guy and he assured me that for the purpose I was using it that it would be ok.
I asked him if he could give me the weight ratio and I also did some calculations of my own based on the full pack quantities, assuming that they give you the right amount. You would think that they would be the same but they weren't. The question is which one is right.

So for the next mix I used a volumn 4:1 mix ratio using the last measuring jug , and I also checked with the weight ratio, which worked out ok. For the last mix I felt confident to use the weight ratio.

Well I got the job done and I was going to do another coat but I don't have enough of the stuff left so I think it will have to do. I will be putting Varnish over the top when its cured.

I think it will look ok when its done but I might paint the floor to hide the patchy wood colouring.

And tomorrow we have our coaching day and the weather forecast is appalling but we are going ahead with it anyway but it will be more theory based stuff. It should be good though and we might get sailing if the weather moderates unexpectedly!

This weather is just the pits this year!

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Tillerman said...

Looks great in the pictures.