Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another wet one

Well this weekend was another wet one! After several days of near summer type weather, it rains!, The wind dies to a mere 5mph and to cap it all the tide on Saturday, a small 5.2 meter, isn't enough to launch! I went home and worked on PoppyCock.

Sunday wasn't much better with a 5.3Meter, it was enough to sail on and two boats (yes only two), me and a laser, take to the water and have a race. The race was short lived because even the little wind there was died away so in the end we finished the race early and went in. Then (yes you guessed) the wind picked up again! Aargh! But at least we got out there and it was pleasant when the rain stopped. I also beat the laser but that was expected in light winds, about the only time an Enterprise is competative on handicap.
I had also fitted my compass and was able to try that out. I'm still getting the hang of it and it definetly helps in spotting the wind shifts.
Next week is big 7.0 Meter tide so no problems getting afloat! Lets hope the weather is better.


Ant said...

Sorry I've only just found you! Great blog.. I'll buy you a pint if our paths should croos on the Enterprise Circuit this year... keep it up!

Tim said...

Hi Ant,
I only started blogging recently so not suprising that you have only just connected. I think our paths might just cross, I plan on being at the worlds and if your not busy on the 17/18th June we have an area champs at Snettisham Beach; you would be most welcome!
By the way I have checked out your blog, especially whilst the worlds were on. I followed the racing as best I could. Good stuff!