Thursday, March 30, 2006

Progress on PoppyCock (E17721)

Here she is! PoppyCock is looking much cleaner inside! I managed to get most of the paint and varnish off but there are a few stubbon spots.
In the end I used a combination of blow-torch for the deck paint on the bottom chines and paint stripper for the varnish on the rest. The paint stripper didn't seem to work to well on the deck paint.

I have a little more to do and then I can start work on fitting the bulkhead (bow tank), glueing up some loose bits of the structure before sanding, repainting and varnishing.

Hopefully the hull will be a lot stiffer and she should last a while longer.

Oh and I fixed my tiller extension for Wild Goose... with a nut and bolt! Just the Center-plate to fettle now.

Just to add to the bargin of good news, we now have a coach for our coaching day at Snett on the 20th May, a chap by the name of Jonathan Woodward, recently finished 7th at the Worlds in Sri Lanka. All we need now is good weather! (Please God! Not to much wind!)

This weekend is a work party at the Club, launching the committee boat and puting out the bouys, etc. 20mph of wind forcasted though. Mmm.

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Tillerman said...

Looking good - great work. Good luck at the coaching day. Looking forward to reading all about it here.