Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Grand day out, Gromit!

I can't quite fathom it out but for some strange reason I got up at a silly time in the morning, drove for 2hrs, spent about 4 hrs on my feet looking at loads of boats I never intend to sail, looked at loads of stuff that I can't afford, spent more more money than my wife would like to know about and then drove home again! But it was a grand day out!

When I think about it it seems pretty silly to bother with the Dinghy Exhibition, Yes there was some cheep stuff on sale, I bought some of it , but I think you'd have to spend a bunch to save a bunch to make it worth the visit, if the only reason for going is to save money. I guess that's why some folk go. But just enjoyed being there, talking to people, other sailing mad people, about boats, sailing and racing, and just looking at all the lovely boats, marvelling at the videos showing fast moving dinghys and spectacular capsizes! Crazy eh?
It's like some kind of virus (Doctor: Madam I'm afraid your husband has the sailing bug! There is nothing we can do to cure him but we can curb the worst side effects but removing his credit cards from his wallet! Madam: Will it hurt? Doctor: You bet!)

I had the unusual experiance of being rejected for a credit card whilst I was there. I was approached by the 'RYA mastercard' people (I think that was the name) but when I explained that I do a job share with my wife and I only work part time and that my salary doesn't exceed £12K, she lost intrest in trying to pursuade me. I said to her "I guess you're wondering how I can afford to go sailing, the answer is 'I don't know' but what I can say is 'God is good' " That's the only explanation I have and it's good enough for me.


Tillerman said...

Very funny. I know what you mean about boat shows. But be thankful. As a Brit who moved to the USA a few years back, I now know that the RYA Dinghy Show is infinitely better than any of the boat shows over here.

Adrift At Sea said...

Unfortunately, most of the boat shows over here are overly commercialized, and not really focused on the sailing aspect. Many even have the poor judgement to focus on powerboats.