Friday, February 24, 2006

The Madness sets in

Do you ever start something and then wish you hadn't? Well I'm beggining to feel a bit like that over this stripping.
I got through 1 ltr of the stripper and it barely seemed to touch it. wrong type of stripper? Maybe.
So I buys 5ltrs of a superior stripper and set to work again. It does work better and it definetly works better if you leave it for longer before you start to scrap it off.
I also bought a new scraper, it's fresh sharp edge is also helping.
So at this rate I might just get it done in a week or two! Ahhh! Still there is no rush to get Poppy done. May should be soon enough. Quite achievable.

Only a few weeks to go and I can take 'Wild Goose' out for a spin at the Hunts coaching day. I hope the weather is a lot warmer by then.
Next week end is the Dinghy Exhibition so that will be a grand day out Gromit.

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