Friday, February 17, 2006

So a little bit about the boats I sail.

I sail Enterprise sailing Dinghies. I have done so for the last 2 years although my sailing experiance started many years ago when I was little boy. The Body has grown older (now 45) but the little Boy is still alive and kicking inspite of the ravages of life!

This is my first Ent: Poppycock, sail No 17721. She was given to me by a good friend. He owned her for over 30 years, she was second hand when he bought her but had not been registered so her sail number belies her age.
I weighed her today, just the bare hull with no fittings, mast or centre plate, she wieghed about 130Kg, about 34Kg over weight!
I knew she was heavy but I didn't think she was that heavy! No wonder it was hard work getting her to keep up with the others off the wind! Here she is sailing with some borrowed sails.

So after two years of racing PoppyCock and getting a little frustrated with the downwind speed, added to the fact that the racing was putting a lot of strain on an old boat with a real risk of doing something nasty to her, I decided I needed a quicker and newer boat.

So I started my search and found lovely boat in reasonable condition for a reasonable price. I had to collect her from Poole and trail her back to Norfolk but it was worth it. I got the last month of the season to race her and I won the series!
Sail number 20202, she is about 25 years old but down to the minimum wieght of 96Kg with fairly new sails and she is a quick boat.

This is a picture of her last year.
Over the winter I have painted her blue, revarnisher her decks and interior, fitted a better rudder assembly. I am hopeful of a good performance this year, maybe a few more Pots!
I decide to name her "Wild Goose". That way my fellow sailing competitors will be on a 'wild goose chase'! Well I can dream can't I?


Emma said...

I still think Bishops Finer would of been a better name! :(
Joanne is NOT allowed to call her Goosey Lucy!!!!

Tim said...

Well I think 'Bishops Finger', funny as it is, was not appropriate.

So 'Wild Goose' it is.