Saturday, February 18, 2006

Fixing Poppycock

So today I spent a bit of time working on PoppyCock. My target today was to repair the centerboard stiffner on the starboard side.
The stiffner had come away at the extrem end from a lateral brace. Tthe brace iteself was also loose and needed to be refitted. To be honest the whole assembly is a bit of a mess.
I removed the brace and cleared the area of loose paint, soft wood and old glue. This picture shows the stiffner, area around it cleared of paint and the brace removed. (The hole is where the self-bailer goes, hey, I know its not the best place for it but so what? It works!).

So I cleaned up the brace, drilled fresh holes fro screwing it all together and then with a liberal spread of Balcatan I refitted the brace. I think it will do the job.
The finished job. Well it needs cleaning up a bit, the glue does spread out but its still soft enought to remove excess after a day, it takes 48 hours to harden - like rock!

I then started to think "What if I removed all this old paint and varnishon the inside?" Silly idea, just paint over it. Ah but it would look so much better if I did and it would last longer. Yes but why do you want to spend so much effort on an old boat? Well I like her and she deserves to be looked after and , and erm. Well I'll just try stripping a small area to see how much effort it will take. Idiot! You know it's a can of worms!
So I tried a small area on the starboard quarter, just two chines up to the stern thwart. Well the wood might be ok to varnish if it sands down ok but otherwise it would be better to paint it. Or I could just paint over the lot and not worry about stripping anymore. What should I do?

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