Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Catch up on 2015 and introductions

Its been almost a year since my last post and boy what a year! Last season went well with Acushla (Albacore 6812) sailing really well with a nice new set of Mcnamara sails. Some good results were achieved both at my local club and at the Albacore National Championships and the Northern area championships at Bala. It would have like to have done more circuit events but that is probably always going to be the case!
Here are a few shots of action this year

Nationals at Brightlingsea
Planing on the Trent at NSC
NSC open meeting in very light conditions
Leading the first race NCS open meeting

The major event of 2015 was nothing to do with sailing
Introducing Helen, my lovely wife.
We got married!
And we did some sailing together on the river Fal  

And then right at the end of the year I bought this

Another Albacore: Firebird 6844. A Woof Mk2 hull in good condition but with a desperate need to be re-painted and re-varnished. And a number of other repairs and replacements needed too.

Since January, I have stripped the hull of fittings, varnish, and paint, effected repairs, sealed the wood with Eposeal, repainted the hull, purchased a new cover and ordered a new mast. In the coming weeks, I hope to varnish the cockpit and decks and refit her for racing hopefully in time for the Inland nationals at Carsington.

Here are some pics of the work:
Look no varnish! It took ages to do this.
stripped of fittings
Eposeal on the cockpit and decks complete
Devoid of paint

Eposeal of the hull complete
Hull painted


Dr. Hugh Earl said...


What primer and paint did you use of the Eposeal?

Tim Coleman said...

I used international two pot primer and International perfection. It has proved to be very durable and scratch resistant. I have rust re-painted her after 30 months of hard sailing. I simply sanded, filled, one coat of primer and 4 topcoats of the same paint and she looks even better.