Tuesday, April 28, 2015

She floats! No leaks.

These images show the internal view of the repairs

Turning the boat over to finish of the repairs, I found that a number of the floor stiffeners had started to become loose and needed re-fixing. I resorted to yet more epoxy resin which seemed to do the trick. However I do wonder if a better fix is to remove the stiffeners and add a sheet of thin ply to the floor as this would strengthen and stiffen the hull. But alas the rules don't allow it.

The finished repaired hull ready to complete the fitting out, decks re-varnished and floor painted with deck paint.

It could do with a complete re-varnish of the cockpit but its good enough for another season.

Now she is all fitted out and down at Nottingham Sailing Club. I have taken her out twice, the first time was for a race with a novice crew.  It was a bit of a scramble as I was still putting the last fittings on 15 minutes before the race. We launched on what I thought was the 6 minute signal, it turned out to be the 3 minute signal so when the start signal sounded it was only the other boats speeding off that gave me a hint that the race had started. So not the best start.
Before we got to the first mark we had taken the lead and we just kept extending it until the finish. On corrected time we won by 3 1/2 minutes. Very satisfying.

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