Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nationals 2014 edited

Here we are just after the start of the last race working our way through to leeward on the boat above us.

This year the national championships were held in Poole bay and hosted by Parkstone YC.
three days of racing became two of contrasting conditions as the winds went from light on the Friday, to heavy on the Saturday and unsailable on the Sunday. It was a great event never the less with some excellent racing with Saturday being the best with some awesome sailing. 

I was racing with my daughter Jo who made herself extremely helpful before the racing by assisting in the weighing and checking of all boats. We sailed well together and it really enjoyed the racing and the social side as well. Sailing to and from the race area took a good while and it was an opportunity for Jo to get some time on the helm and she demonstrated some skill in managing the boat in the gusts as we sailed back in on the Friday as the wind piped up quite nicely. I think she will make an excellent helm one day.
Our results were good but could have been better. I made some stupid strategic errors and wend the wrong way up the beat on more that one occasion, But when we got it right we did well with our best finish being a 6th in the last race. So we finished 14th out of 36 and were the winners of the Silver Fleet. I admit to feeling apprehensive in the first race on the Saturday in such strong winds and we took the first lap carefully but I decided that I could handle the conditions ok so we really took it up a notch or two from then on and what a difference! Such great speed on the reaches! Really great fun!

At the gybe mark close on the heals of 6918

Rounding the windward mark 

There is no picture of us reaching like this but we certainly went this quick!
Jo and I holding the Silver fleet winners trophy

This post has been edited to remove elements that, in retrospect I feel were overly harsh criticism of some aspects of the race management. If anyone who had read them prior to this editing and was offended, I offer my apologies as it was not my intention to offend. However my opinions on the matter have not changed. 


Dr. Hugh Earl said...

Love this blog! Thanks so much for taking the time. Beautiful Albacore. I sail 2768, which is a 1969 McGruer and Clarke (fibreglass, Canadian). Just an old tired cottage boat so it sure is nice to get some insight into what a proper Albacore looks and sails like. Any posts / photos relating to rigging would be very much appreciated.

Clubtray Sailing said...

Awesome!!! I would like to welcome you to our Sailing Community - Clubtray Sailing on www.clubtray.com/sailing

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Sorry I missed the unvarnished truth about the race committee!