Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Racing on Goose Poo Pond

Last weekend was Broadwater Sailing Club open meeting and my daughter Jo came down and together was trailed Acushla down to the meeting. A nice simple drive down the M40. It wasn't until we arrived we discovered that the number plate had dropped off the lightboard. Anyway forgetting all that we rigged the boat and along with all the others we waited for the wind because there was none. In fact there was very little wind all day long but the Race officer did sterling work in setting courses and running three races in very difficult conditions.

Things started well for us in the first race but the fluky winds saw us go from 3rd to 6th. The second race was no better and we finished 6th again. I could say that the wind was just so fluky that it was a lottery but the same guy was winning both races and  that suggests that there was definitely scope for skill to win through. I was fairly relaxed going into the last race, I didn't expect too much and to be sure I was on form on the first beat, rounding the mark in 5th place. The four boats ahead were only just in front and on rounding the mark the wind died off so everyone was very close together. It was at this point I made the best move of the day, as I rounded the mark I gybe towards the left hand side of the course, effectively sailing away from the direct line to the next course but I could see wind on the water out to the left. I got to it and sailed in a big curving arc following the wind on the water and arrived at the next mark with a substantial lead. I joked to the rest of the fleet "Don't worry, it won't last long" to which the reply came from the indomitable Andy Pierce: "Enjoy it while you can". So we did. All the way to the finish line. Yep we won the race. So that was cool but I thought with a 6th and a 1st place to count we would be perhaps in the top 5. We shared 7 points with two other but because we won the last race we were placed 3rd overall. Yep we were actually in the prizes. I didn't get to the prize giving. At the time I was in the shower. While I was drying myself off the changing room door briefly opened and I heard the announcement. I did think about rushing out with a towel around me but how do you shake hands and take a prize without letting go of the towel? The picture is probably one you don't want to dwell on. No don't do it. Too late? Well hopefully the image will fade in time. So Jo collected the prizes on our behalf and now we both have a nice engraved glass to enjoy a drop of port in.

Results are here:
(I noticed that they spelt Jo's name wrong but I rather like it, Mrs Snakey! :) )
Somebody was taking photos of the racing but there is no sign of them on club website just yet.

in the meantime here is one of Acushla waiting for the wind

Oh and the Blog title? It was inspired by the water quality of Broadwater sailing club. I'm sure its not always like it but I have never encountered as much floating goose poo before.

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