Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Maidenhead open meeting

First open meeting of the year, only the second sail of the season. Good weather with plenty of sunshine although we could have done with a bit more wind. It was good fun, sometimes frustrating when the wind died but the competition was so close.
We managed a very credible 5th place overall with gradually improving results through the day finishing with a 2nd place in the last race. The first race was a disaster, it was like being a yoyo, one minute we were at the back of the fleet then a massive wind shift and we were in the top few, then a hole in the wind and everyone sails past us- it was crazy. I have to say that I was spending too much time with my head in the boat pulling string to get more boat speed and it really didn't help. I started to really get into the groove on the last lap of the second race when we went from 11th to 5th place taking at least two places on the last mark rounding and 25 yard beat. I put it down to forgetting about the string and I just started to sail the boat and I made some good choices about where to go up the beat and made massive ground up. The last race was much the same with a really good choice at the start of the penultimate lap I picked up a good lift and even though we touched the plate on the shallows (my new centreplate!) we moved up in to second place and stuck to the transom of the leader for the rest of that race.

Results here: http://www.maidenheadsc.org.uk/main/results/AlbacoreOpen14.html

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Images added
Jo and I, mid tack

Trailing close astern of two quick boats.

Start of the second race I think. We were a bit buried beneath two quick boats (we are 3rd from the rhs) but it's where you finish that counts and we finished 5th

Looks like I should have eased the kicker a little more

Rounding the leeward mark of second race probably close to the finish. I tacked to get clear wind just after rounding and found I could lay the finish line and picked up a place or two in the process.

I'm not sure but I think this at the end of the penultimate lap of the last race. Coming in nice and wide to the mark rounding but I wonder, looking at the angle of the rudder, if I'm turning too tight.

Coming round the mark tight to the bouy onto the next leg. That hull is looking lovely - no sign of the repair!

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