Saturday, April 05, 2014

Enough! I want to go sailing!

She could probably do with some more coats of varnish and I probably should do some more but I think I have done enough to get her sailing. There will be other times and warmer weather to do more but for now enough is enough. Just add fittings and lets go sailing!

The varnish is silk finish rather than gloss but it does the job

Anti-slip paint on the floor

I think she looks good

(Just don't look too closely at the paint and varnish. Hey she's a racing boat not a piece of furniture!)


Ben Best said...

Looks good to me!
Is there some sort of protection on the launch trolley that I can't see or is she sat straight onto the metal?

Tim Coleman said...

The trolley has some padding but I am planning on improving the padding on the front V that stops her sliding too far forward, it is the only part of the trolley that has caused damage to the paintwork.