Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Final coat - well for now anyway

After the previous painting had hardened, I used some filler to fill in some bits I had missed and then used 600 grade wet and dry and sanded down the whole hull ready for another coat. 
I had only bought one 750ml tin and I noticed that I had used over half on the first coat so I added a little bit of No3 thinners and trusted that it would cover ok. It did but only just. (Note for next time; get two tins.)
The repair is barely noticeable, just the faintest indication of undercoat is visible, but only just. The surface shows no signs of bumps or dips, so it's worked well.
Another coat would do the job but I don't have any so I would need to get some and I would rather get the rest of the work done so I can go sailing. Maybe later in the year.

The area of the repair

From Bow to stern, looking good.

I made one mistake and that was to load up a bit of paint on an area at the bows to give a better coverage on a patch where the undercoat was showing through. It has resulted in a slight run because I should have used the roller to even it out and reduce the density of paint but I misjudged it. But its not a major problem, I can use a fine wet and dry paper to cut it back but I will leave that until I have finished the rest of the boat.

When you consider that the repair began with a hole:

Which needed major reconstruction to repair:

 And then I discovered a second area that needed sorting

I think it worked out well, much better than the repair I did last year that is visible. Maybe Next year I will redo it. But now I just want to get it sailing!

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