Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A can of worms

So I had just sent of my entry form for the Albacore Internationals (a late entry as the event starts on the 3rd August) and I have been checking out what needs to get the boat up to spec and I decided to investigate what appears to be a small amount of wet black looking wood. So I poke and scrape around, confident of my ability to repair small areas of de-laminated marine ply, and pretty soon I have a small hole in the boat. Hmmm. Sodom and Gomorrah!

I decide that to effect a repair I need to cut a hole around the effected area  4" by 4.5"  and fill  it with a suitable piece of marine ply.

Now it just needs fettling and gluing in place and a couple of coats of epoxy resin inside and out.

So I retire for the day thinking that all is well and Cinderella shall go to the ball.

Then over night it P*ss*s with rain! Please God make the rain go away and bring out that nice hot boat drying Sun.

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