Monday, December 05, 2011

Another season gone!

Crickey Time flies! The lack of posts on this blog is a pretty good indicator of the significant drop in sailing this year and it doesn't look like being any better next year BUT I am still sailing - well not now. The last sail of the year was at the end of October and currently my boat is tucked up in the garage awaiting some winter attention.
This last season has seen some interesting developments - I've managed to win some of the club trophies and even took home a bit of silver from the NWNSA regatta! Very unexpected! I have been sailing a lot more with my wife, Sally, but I have to say that we are finding the Enterprise too small for the pair of us. At some point next season we will be buying an Albacore and selling Goosey. It's sad to let let a much loved boat go but I can't justify keeping her and not sailing her - its the fastest way to see a boat rot! Boats need to be sailed, they come alive when they sail and die a slow death when they are neglected - especially if left out in the elements. Also it looks like we will be moving again next August and so we will need to be looking for a new club in our new location (can't say where just yet - I do know but I am not allowed to publish details) The good news is that we will be able to sail on tidal waters again (so yes near the coast!). So all change again next year.

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