Saturday, October 03, 2009

A Friday afternoon sail

Friday afternoon I went for a sail. Normally Sally and I would go exploring the local countryside on foot and go for a sail on Saturday afternoon. However the  weather forecast for Saturday was for very high winds (and they were not wrong!) so we went sailing on Friday instead but Sally didn't feel up to it so I went sailing single handed, Sally sat in the club house and read a book and took the photos you see on this page.
It was a good sail, especially as the wind freshened and I could get the boat planing in the gusts. It was a useful time to get to know the lake, what the wind does, and it does some strange things depending on where you are on the lake! I must have spent a good 2 hours on the water, maybe more, sailing in really lovely conditions with the trees just begining to turn making for beautiful colours . There was no room in the boat for the stresses of the last few weeks so even though they were still waiting for me at the shore at least I had a few hours respite. One advantage of non-tidal sailing - the water is always there when you want to go sailing. But I do miss the waves.


Chris Marthinson said...

Hi, Tim. I found your blog and have enjoyed reading about UK Enterprises. I have a blog about sailing dinghys in the US and hope you will take a look. It's
We only get to sail a few times a year but it's the best part of life!

Pat said...

Did Saturday's winds generate any waves? We had real waves (okay, two-foot rollers with whitecaps on top) for a couple of hours today on our inland lake as today's racing managed to time itself for the peak winds of a passing weather front.

Tim said...

Hi Pat,
I have no idea as this time of year the only racing is on Sunday and I have not raced or sailed since the 25th October.
However I suspect that if the wind is in the right direction it maybe possible to get a small size wave on Ripon SC, possibly a foot or so by the time it reaches the lee shore. The problem, I suspect would be all the wave interferance caused by reflections and refractions created by the shore line and the wind deflecting trees. The superposition of waves at the points of interferance could produce some nasty slop. However I have not really experianced it so I can only summise.

Tammara said...

A sailing Christian! Now that's the best way to navigate the waters, and life! Happy sailing!