Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Enterprise, accessible sailing at a reasonable price!

Extract from the 'For sale' section of the Enterprise Association website
Are you looking for a used Enterprise ready for racing and in exceptional condition, fitted with modern fittings, good sails, remote kicker, metal mast, spreaders and boom? My retirement hobby is preparing boats. to meet this requirement. Please consider the following:13593 £550. "Spartacus" min weight, new deck, nylon bags, Perkins built.13997 £500. "Morning missed" Rare built-in side buoyancy.7951 £550 New sapele deck, nylon bags ALN built, 2-pack finish.1882 £495. "Inky" New deck, good bags, International Paint finish.11726 £550 "Chatter" 1lb over min weight, completely stripped, ready April, Moores built.Laurie Philipps Tel: 01384 395640 (Milands) Detailed specifications are a phone call away.All boats are certificated.

If you are looking for a decent boat for a reasonable price, get a second hand Enterprise. The season is just about to begin so now is the time to bite the bullet and get one!


Ant said...

Oooooh don't tempt me, please don't tempt me....

Tim said...

Go on! You know you want to.

Blue sails, blue skies! better to sail an Enterprise!