Friday, November 23, 2007

Wild goose repairs

So the big hole has gone, it just needs repainting, which I will be doing soon any way.
Plus the old kingpost and mounting block have been replaced and the hog dried out and sealed with epoxy resin.
And the port gunwhale has been repaired, the previous repair was loose and looked ugly, this is much better.
All I have to do know is the meriad of other smaller repairs and the repainting and varnishing of the hull, deck and internals. But that is going to have to wait untilI have more time.


Ant said...

She's looking good, keep enjoying her and I can't wait to see the photos and posts of her getting back in that east-coast water again..

Tim said...

Me Too! But I guess its gonna be another 4-5 months before then. It seems so long, it already seems an age since I last sailed and that was not that long ago. Ah well.