Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wow what a weekend!

Wow what a weekend! No rain and plenty of sunshine!

No racing for me this weekend as the cub was hosting the Dart Open meeting and most folk were tied up in supporting that event, I didn't have to be involved so I tried my hand at filming the event.

Saturday was a good strong breeze so I did the filming from the shore which made for very jumpy work as I was on max zoom which amplifies any camera shake and there was quite a bit due to the strong wind!

I did get out for a sail myself and it was a blast! Great fun. Sunday was much more calm with a light to moderate breeze and I decided to take the camera out on the water to see if I could get better results. I needed less zoom but had to cope with my own boats movement so it didn't improve the quality much.

Most of Sunday I sailed with Chris, a new member to the club and keen to get out on the water. He usually sails cruises about in a Waferarer with friends but likes the look of the Enterprise so it was good to let him have a go. He helmed a good deal I was able to give him a few tips on how to tack without getting in a muddle with the tiller and main sheet. At one point we sailed down to the start area of the last race to film them and spotted two seals playing in the water just in front of us! They were quite happy and seemed to be watching the antics of these strange water craft

Here are the film clips, not to hot but they give a good flavour of the weekends sailing at Snettisham Beach.


Colin said...

Thanks Tim. Better keep the day job for now but it's good to remind yourself that the sun realy did come out for the weekend. Nice seal shot!

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