Saturday, March 10, 2007

PoppyCock now has a breakwater fitted

The weather was so good that I decided I could fit the breakwater to Poppycock. She had been moved out of the garage so that I could start work on Wild Goose but the day was so warm I thought I would risk it.

I selected a suitable shaped edging wood from a DIY shop, cut it to give me two identical lengths, cut a miter on to each for the centre join and shaped the ends to make them nice and rounded.
I used Balcatan to glue the strips to the deck . This is an excellent glue that gives plenty of fiddle time. it takes about two hours to harden and about 48hrs before it sets like concrete.

All I did was simply apply the glue, positioned them and pined them in place with a few copper pins. When the glue was hard enough I pared away the excess and left it to harden.

It looks ok.
Now I just need to sand and varnish but I shall paint the hull first. Watch this space for futher developments.

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