Sunday, November 05, 2006

stripped naked and washed down!

Well its done! there's no going back now. No more racing until the spring!
This weekend, Jo and I took all the fittings off Wild Goose and washed her out thorougly. At the moment she is under her normal cover but I'm hoping to get her into a barn until I've finished on PoppyCock and then I will swap them over to work on Wild Goose ready for the new season.

The pictures show Wild Goose in variouse states of undress, you can also just make out Poppy in the garage.

The other shot is of the king post support which has a nasty crack in it. I had tried to fix it with an epoxy glue as a temporary fix but when I came to remove the glue it had turned to a sort of rubber! So I guess it sort of kept the water out but didn't do much else.
You can see from the black water stains that the water has crept under the block so whatever glue I use it has to get right into the the crack, filling it completely providing a water tight solid strong joint. Any ideas what kind glue would do that? The alternative is to remove and replace the block and I don't fancy that idea much.


AdriftAtSea said...

Welcome to the long cold dark...while we northerners wait for the return of the sailing season. UGH..

Tillerman said...

What are you guys talking about? I know for a fact that lots of clubs in the UK sail all winter. And Dan, you should get yourself a Laser and head on over to Newport or Cottage Park... The real sailing season in the northern hemisphere is just beginning... let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Tim said...

True, Tillerman, but they are almost always on a Sunday Morning and I am often working then. Plus you really need to where a drysuit and I don't have one (and they are a tad expensive).
The other thing is if I don't work on the boat in the winter when would I do it?
I mourn the end of the sailing season but I guess it makes the joy of spring so much greater!