Sunday, October 08, 2006

Oh no! The season is over!

Well today was a sad day, I went to the beach to bring home my boats. Poppycock first, now tucked away in the garage where I shall start work on her soon. Then Wild Goose, now on the drive. Next weekend we plan taking WG to Northampton for an open meeting and then the last sail will be at Rollesby Broard at the end of October and that will rap up the end of the season.

September series points finished with a very disappointing day. I had a stinking cold, so I did the sensible thing (not), I took a dose of painkillers and went racing! Jo was not able to crew (She is section leader for the Norfolk Youth Orchestra and they had a rehersal) So Jon, my youngest son crewed. Jon weighs about 13st and is over 6ft tall, ideal for a blow but not a F2-3. That and the fact that I was sailing like a complete plonker meant that I didn't get the result that I need to win the September points.
In fact I got a 3rd and 4th, the worst results of the season for Club racing. I just couldn't get my act together. Almost every decision was stupid. I could put it down to my ill health but that would be unfair on my fellow competitors who sailed extremely well, especially Malcolm who won one of the two races.
The series was won by 'Whitty' who sailed consistantly well over the 5 races sailed to get the best 3 to count. The September Cup was donated by his mother in memory of his Father who origanally won the Pot at the Esssex show for 'best Pig'. The trophy was re-ingraved for the club. Nice story eh? I am pleased that Whitty won it because he had not been able to sail until September due to a back injury and there is something poetic about his victory. It's just right, if you know what I mean.

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AdriftAtSea said...

I know the feeling... my season ended a bit more dramatically than I'd like... complete with hospital stay... oh, well.... I do have plenty of projects to keep me busy during the long dark days of winter.