Monday, June 05, 2006

No Sailing this weekend. I think I'm ok with that.

No Sailing this weekend. I think I'm ok with that.

On Saturday I went to Canterbury to hear my Eldest daughter play in her last concert at ChristChurch university (She plays the Cello). Before I went I managed to get a coat of varnish on one half of PoppyCock (I varnished the other half on Sunday afternoon), I would have done all of her but ran out of time. I took my youngest daughter, Jo, picked up my eldest son, Paul, in Thetford and picked up my Parents in West Mersea Island before heading down to Canterbury. Four hours of driving. Not a problem going there but we didn't leave to come home until 10pm, I got home at 2am. The Concert was great, I was very proud of 'Daddy's Little Princess' (as she calls herself).

Sunday Morning I was down at the beach helping with the race management of the ITCA Topper Travellers open meeting. We had 22 boats entered and my job was to look after the results and write up a report for the local Newspaper as well as taking a few Photos. The sad thing is that just as the tide came in the wind died away and that was it; Flat calm. After an hour of waiting the racing was abandoned.

So I snapped a few of the boats on the shore line, all dressed up and nowhere to go, and this sureal image of the sea and sky merging into a misty blue.

Oh and here is a picture I got of a lunatic in flight. He was no more than 3 foot from deck. Good job there were no masts or rigging about.

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